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We create cold-wood-pressed oil and handcrafted food products, our products are crafted with great transparency from its origin and made in line to honour timeless traditional techniques.

We are third generation small batch oil producers with dedication and passion. Agriculture is in our roots and our strength is to source local nuts and spices.

Our mission at “Amirtham” is to craft cold-pressed oils without adulteration through a time honoured technique with vagai (fabaceae) tree, a unique traditional method of extracting cold-pressed oils.

The raw materials that are used for making wood-pressed oils, is made from high quality nuts, which are sourced locally and directly from farmers. We don’t use any form of preservatives.


Our motive of crafting these oils, is to give natural, traditional cold-pressing, to the everchanging challenging world. We have track history of tracing farmers and their produce, who have incredible knowledge in this field.

We support fare trade pricing in procuring directly from farmers. we embarked on this journey, in 2014 with the intention of bringing back natural products, that are crafted with passion.



Consult our specialists for help with an order, customization, or design advice


We stand behind our goods and services and want you to be satisfied with them.


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