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Herbal Jaggery Powder

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  • Ingredients: Amla, betel leaf, solanum trilobatum, Indian borage, sweet basil, avaram Senna
  • Ingredients: dry ginger, pepper, cardamom, liquorice, finger root, gooseberry
  • Rich in vitamin c
  • Helps for good digestion
  • Mix with hot water and drink


  • Origin: India
  • Weight: 250 Gram
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Herbal Sugarcane Jaggery is rich in Vitamin C. It has the following ingredients. They are as follows: amla or Indian gooseberry, dry ginger, valmilagu or tail pepper, licorice, sweet basil or thiruneetrupachai leaves, thuthuvallai leaves or climbing brinjal, betel leaf or vetrilai, cardamom or ellakkai, tulsi or holy basil leaves, karpooravalli leaves or Indian borage and avaram senna.

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